Doos. Why The Box?


We are Doos.

A collaboration of creatives, writers, directors and producers but more importantly, wine drinkers.

What is Doos?
Simply put, it's Proper wine. In a box.

Doos curates high quality, unique wines and “bottles” it in a convenient, economical and more environmentally friendly BOX.

We really love good wine. We also love convenience. By putting four bottles (3L) of proper good wine from South Africa's top winemakers into this handy Doos, we can have the best of both worlds. While at the same time doing our bit to save the environment, support the local wine industry and introduce more people to great wine.

Doos is not just boxed wine. Doos is a collective of passionate wine drinkers who, with the help of a larney aficionado or two, source, taste and select proper wine especially for you.

Because only interesting and delicious wine makes it into our Doos, you know that whenever you see the Doos label, the wine inside will always be lekker and have a story.

So, take your Doos to a braai, the bush, the beach or wherever else you think your Doos belongs.
We are on a journey to get all the best wines in South Africa, into our Doos.
Doos. Proper wine. In a box. Since 2022.





If you’re interested in future releases or have feedback,

we’d love to hear from you.