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Proper Wine. In a Box.

We love convenience. We really love good wine.

So here, inside this humble Doos, sits the equivalent of four bottles of proper good wine.

We've tasted it (a lot) and chosen it especially for you.

Take your Doos to a braai, the bush, the beach or wherever else you think this Doos belongs.

Share it with friends, family or just keep it all to yourself.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us, to get all the best wine in SA into our Doos.

Be well, Team Doos.

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Proper Wine. In a Cocktail.

  • Doos with Food.

    Pair your favourite food with your favourite Doos.

  • Dress up with Doos.

    Proper wine. In a box has never looked or tasted so good.

  • Doos Bus. Mobile Collection Party

    Follow the Doos Bus, save your delivery fee, let's party.

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